Significant progress is not made in a single training day. The soldier’s relentless pursuit of consistency, dedication, and sacrifice breeds excellence.

Therefore, we offer PACKAGE DISCOUNTS to reward players who make a commitent to multiple training sessions.  The more you commit and the more you plan to regularly train, the more you save.

When you purchase a package, you will have the OPTION to book training sessions right then, or you can simply click the continue button to skip it for now and book your schedule later from your P2 profile page.

60-min Single Session 1 $85.00 **** ****
Battery Plan (2 in 1 month) 2 $170.00 $155.00 $15.00
Artillery Plan (4 in 1 month) 4 $340.00 $310.00 $30.00
Arsenal Plan (8 in 2 months) 8 $680.00 $620.00 $60.00
Army Plan (12 in 3 months) 12 $1020.00 $900.00 120.00$