Stretch Throwing Aid for Baseball/Softball



Big arms behind the dish are fun to watch. Not every player will reach “Realmuto” velocity, but most young athletes don’t understand the concept of how creating “torque” or “stretch” applies to throwing mechanics to get to that point. Players won’t reach full throwing potential without it. P2 Nationwide promotes progressive mechanical adjustment to assist young players to get the most out of their throws behind the plate. While lower half rotation followed by linear motion and “front side replacement” is vital for optimal energy, players neglect their upper half mechanics and arm slot.

The P2 Army Nationwide Stretch is perfect for arm slot mechanics and “scap pinch”. Simply place a ball in each had (thumb under the ball and across the seams), work your pops to separation and stretch! Coaches can adjust players to proper arm slot and separation and watch them rep it out! The 20lb resistance is awesome for players to feel where they need to “slot the ball” before upper half acceleration. Great for all positions not just behind the dish!


  • High quality leather baseballs
  • 20lbs resistance
  • Great for all positions

Disclaimer: P2.0 Is not responsible for any injury associated with this product. Use at own risk and under supervision. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to assume all physical liability and monetary obligation associated with mentioned liability of use of this product.