Basic Repair – ALL Baseball Gloves


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Basic Repair – ALL Baseball Gloves

When your baseball glove has seen a few too many fastballs, our Basic Repair Service is here to help. This service is specifically designed for gloves that have broken laces isolated to the finger stalls, pocket, or heel—the areas most crucial for making those game-saving catches.

Here’s what our Basic Fix or Repair includes:

  • Site-Specific Lace Replacement:
    • This service targets only the broken laces in the finger stalls, pocket, or heel of your glove.
    • It’s a focused repair, not a full glove re-lace, ensuring a quick turnaround to get you back on the field.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction:
    • Our expert glovesmiths are committed to excellence. Every repair is guaranteed to be laced to your satisfaction.
    • We take pride in our work, and your glove is no exception.
  • Highest Quality Laces:
    • We use the highest quality laces available, known for their durability and longevity.
    • Our laces are tough, just like our players. They’re built to last, ensuring your glove stays in the game as long as you do.

How It Works:

    1. Place an order: Choose this selected service and use the cart check out to finalize your order.
    2. Ship the Glove or Drop it Off: Local orders: 1-week turnaround or less, shipped orders: could take up to 2 weeks.
    3. Expert Assessment: Our Glovesmiths will evaluate your glove’s lacing needs.
    4. Lace Replacement: We’ll re-lace your glove using precision techniques.
    5. Ready for Play: We will call you for local pickup or ship it back! Your glove will be game-ready once again!

Don’t let a broken lace bench your glove. Trust P2 Army Baseball for your repair needs and keep your glove in the game.

P2 Army Baseball – Where quality meets the diamond. ⚾🛠️

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