The P2 Army Training Wedge



The P2 Army Nationwide Wedge is a staple in our training regimen. Catchers of all skill levels can use the wedge to improve their glove position, load, and timing. The majority of stolen strikes are produced at the bottom of the strike zone. The P2 Army Nationwide Wedge promotes players to take a “bottom up” approach to receiving and helps players chase the ball with their “pocket” for cleaner, more efficient receptions.

All of our wedges are hand-made, and their dimensions are perfectly suited for ground-up receptions into the bottom of the strike zone. The high-quality turf top serves as a “self-checking” guide to make sure players are staying under the ball and fluently loading their glove in the proper manner. When players “scrape the wedge” with good timing and proper glove position, the reception is clean and efficient.


The P2 Army Nationwide Wedge can also be used for a multitude of lower half hitting and pitching drills. Its anti-slip bottom and durable top can hold a substantial amount of weight for players to utilize with their anchor leg mechanics. The rotational portion of training can be promoted by using the wedge in this manner.


  • L/W/H (12 X 17.5 X 6) White Pine
  • High Quality Turf Top
  • Anti-Slip Bottom
  • Versatile Uses