Do I need an assessment?

If you’re new to the P2 Army, please book an initial skills assessment first.  This allows our coaches to evaluate your skill level in various aspects of baseball or softball so that we may develop a specific training plan to suit you.


Do I have to book all my training sessions at once?

Nope! Many players value the benefit of recurring training sessions and sign up for packages to receive a discount. While you will pay for the sessions up front, you do NOT need to actually book the training sessions until you know their schedule and ours is posted.  You can book some of them, but not all of them.  When you want to book more of the sessions you have purchased, simply go to your profile page and it will show what you have already booked but not used and give you the option to book more of your sessions.


Do you offer group training? If so, when?

Any of our training blocks can be used for a group of 2 to 4 players.  You can work out how to split the cost among your players.


Cancelations, Credits and Plans

Because P2 trainers book exclusively online, our schedule is constantly changing. All trainers honor a strict 24-hour cancelation policy.

P2 prides itself on versatility.  All P2 trainers travel to multiple locations to reach as many athletes as possible (sometimes distances of over 60 miles). Realize when you sign up for a specific date and time you are booking a timeslot that is offered to other area players, and trainers are traveling to meet with you. That timeslot is held exclusively for you. To respect everyone’s time, energy, and effort please do your best to uphold to the time you agreed upon.

Please Note:

If you are unable to cancel your appointment withing 24 hours of the scheduled time, your session/credits will be forfeited. If the player is sick or injured, exceptions and accommodations may be granted only by P2 Ownership. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.